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Dove Hunting Overview


The dove hunting in Cordoba, Argentina is famous for a good reason. With a population estimated in around 50 million, the dove in Cordoba are considered a pest and wreak havoc on area farms. The largest roost in the province is in the famous Macha hills, just 95km north of Cordoba’s international airport. Los Chanares is the only dove hunting lodge in Cordoba with an extensive section of the Macha roost on its own property. This means that Los Chanares guests have exclusive access to the best dove hunting in Argentina AND it is all within a 5-10 minute drive from the lodge. No other outfitter or lodge in Cordoba can offer the same quality and convenience.


The key to Los Chanares’ shooting success is the only game management program for dove shooting in Argentina. The game management program has been running for the past 14 years. The program mainly consists of planting several hundred acres of sunflower in the summer and wheat in the winter. This feeding is combined with an average of 400 tons of corn thrown exclusively for the birds. Water holes are carefully maintained throughout the property and a top-of-the-line irrigation system was recently installed. Shooting stands are interspersed throughout the estancia to provide hunters with a variety of shooting places – high birds, beginner birds, low and fast, extreme high volume, etc. The unique game management program therefore is the key to maintaining short drives to the fields and providing a one-of-a-kind shooting experience for everybody.


Seasonal Information – Sunflower Season, Summer Escape & Promotional Season


With 100% of the dove hunting at Los Chanares done on the lodge’s own land, hunters can be assured of non-stop shooting without interference from other outfitters. Wildlife experts and agriculturists meticulously care for the property year-round to ensure the best possible dove shooting for all guests.


During the Sunflower Season, January 10th to March 31st, hunters enjoy a field experience entirely unique to Los Chanares. With the property’s expansive sunflower fields in full bloom, the shooting is done amongst a striking sea of yellow. No other outfitters in Cordoba can hunt in these beautiful fields. These summer months also offer long days and extremely high-volume dove hunting.


During the harvesting months of April and May, the dove leave the Los Chanares property. This time is used for regular lodge maintenance and agricultural management.
Like clockwork, the birds return by the millions in late May and early June. From June 01st to September 15th, Los Chanares offers the perfect Summer Escape for North Americans. Summer in the northern hemisphere means winter in the southern hemisphere. In Cordoba the winters are mild and dry, meaning ideal dove hunting conditions and clear blue skies almost every day.


Los Chanares’ Promotional Season runs from September 15th to Jan 10th. This timeframe represents some of the best volume shooting of the year and offers wonderful spring and early-summer weather. Promotional pricing makes it easy for families, friends and business groups to enjoy the holiday season in Argentina.


– Guaranteed non-stop dove hunting action.
– Average drive times only 5 minutes.
– Millions of doves flying over Los Chanares private property.


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