Dove Hunting Overview

For more than 35 years, seasoned international wing shooters have recognized Cordoba, and other northern provinces in Argentina as the world’s leading destination for high-volume dove hunting. There are many roosts and nesting habitats for doves in the northern area of Cordoba, providing high quality hunts for thousands of visitors over the years.

Easy arrival: it is very easy to fly to Cordoba with direct flights from either Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires, Lima (Peru), Panama City (Panama), Sao Paolo (Brazil). Now there are direct flights from Europe every week, with AirEuropa Airlines.

Perfect weather: the weather is great for hunting with more than 320 sunny days per year and no extreme temperatures.
Highest standards: the competition among local lodges has created the highest standard of service of any other hunting lodges in the world.

Seasonal Information – Sunflower Season, Summer
Escape & Promotional Season

With 100% of the dove hunting at Los Chanares done on the lodge’s own land, hunters can be assured of non-stop shooting without interference from other outfitters. Wildlife experts and agriculturists meticulously care for the property year-round to ensure the best possible dove shooting for all guests. During the Sunflower Season, January 10th to March 31st, hunters enjoy a field experience entirely unique to Los Chanares. With the property’s expansive sunflower fields in full bloom, the shooting is done amongst a striking sea of yellow. No other outfitters in Cordoba can hunt in these beautiful fields. These summer months offer long days and great dove hunting.

Estancia Los Chanares offers the perfect Summer escape for North Americans. Summer in the northern hemisphere means winter in the southern hemisphere. In Cordoba the winters are mild and dry, meaning ideal dove hunting conditions and clear blue skies almost every day.

Los Chanares’ Promotional Season runs from September 15th to Jan 10th. This timeframe represents some of the best volume shooting of the year and offers wonderful spring and early-summer weather. Promotional pricing makes it easy for families, friends and business groups to enjoy the holiday season in Argentina.


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