The Lodging

For the past 17 years Los Chanares has been considered THE place to hunt doves in Cordoba, Argentina. Located only 1:20 from Cordoba airport, the lodge was strategically placed in between rolling hills in the northwestern part of the province. The 9-bedroom lodge was built knowing that many demanding clients would be attracted to the world-class shooting. The accommodations are luxurious yet still they maintain the feel of a hunting lodge. The rooms are very spacious and each has its own private bathroom. The 1000 acre property provides beautiful landscapes and a great outdoor pool and a Jacuzzi were built for clients to be able to enjoy such beautiful Argentina out doors while enjoying a delicious asado. On arrival or departure days, delicious field lunches are served at the lodge in a beautiful setting that also allows you to take a nap in the comfort of your room. Finally, several great fire pit was placed by the pool and behind the lodge where clients recount the day’s events. The lodge has had several upgrades and renovations, since we took over in 2005.

  • Lodge located in the most convenient area of northern Cordoba
  • 9 Bedrooms with 2 double beds and a private bathroom in each
  • Incredible bar and lounging area for clients to share their stories while enjoying Argentina’s best wines.
  • Pool and Jacuzzi ideal for summer afternoons
  • Field lunches and delicious Argentinean style asados
  • Outback and pool area fire pits to relax after world class hunting

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The Shooting

Los Chanares is located in the western side of northern Cordoba, in between rolling hills. Around the lodge we have beautiful sunflower fields during the summer time and wheat fields during the winter months, this allows for great hunting when the birds are active in our area. We also carefully place ponds and tons of corn in the surrounding fields to have the birds stay around as long as possible. In 2014 when we were in the midst of terrible droughts, we installed an underground irrigation system to ensure a constant food source on the property. Through out the seasons, we also hunt the vast eastern farmlands where millions of doves feed and roost all year around. Our hunts have a variety of low and slow birds for beginners to high 45-50 yard driven and crossing type shots for experts providing 100% action packed hunting at all times!

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The Service

Los Chanares’ edge in shooting and accommodations over competitors was not enough in Cordoba. Over the past few years the lodge has consistently raised the bar on service and food. Everything is perfectly organized for your trip yet the environment around the lodge is relaxed. The staff will go out of its way to accommodate any requests. Our two hosts Juan and Nahuel do an incredible job of taking care of every detail. Guests will enjoy gourmet meals that are simple and most importantly mouth-watering. From the Argentine asado (bbq) lunches to the delicious dove nuggets, it doesn’t get any better. All this combined with a nice Argentina wine and the finest Cuban cigar make Los Chanares a very special place!

  • Focus on service and detail
  • Famous Argentine asados (bbq) lunches
  • Excellent Argentina wines
  • Finest Cuban cigars
  • Staff willing to go extra mile!

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Why Choose Us

Since its construction in 2000, Los Chanares has been considered the place to shoot doves in the world. Los Chanares was the first international venues to affiliate with Beretta. Los Chanares was recognized in 2015 as an Orvis Endorsed lodge. The lodge is always one of the top-ranked lodges on Trip Advisor with wonderful comments from our clients. The reason for these awards is our dedication to providing world shooting, luxurious accommodations and great service. It also helps that the lodge is located directly in one of the largest dove roosts in the world!

  • Luxurious accommodations
  • Varied shooting. Low and slow birds for beginners to high 45-50 yard driven and crossing type shots for experts
  • 100% guaranteed action packed hunting at all times
  • Focus on service and detail
  • Staff willing to go extra mile!

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